Check out our Florida Keys Sailing Charter offerings! Our 2021-2022 Winter-Spring Charter Season is in full swing!

Check out our Florida Keys Sailing Charter offerings! Our 2021-2022 Winter-Spring Charter Season is in full swing!

  • DAN Instructor

DAN Instructor

Take your dive instruction to the next level. When you become a DAN Instructor you can help build a more skillful and better trained community of divers. As a DAN Instructor the possibilities for professional growth are endless.

Starting from

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Already a Dive Professional? Want to up your game and teach DAN Safety Courses and bring your skills to a new level? Then this is the Pro course for you! Prepare divers to prevent and manage dive incidents. Expand your course offerings so you can teach year-round and earn additional income. Enhance your teaching portfolio with additional credentials. Become a leader in dive safety, and help save lives.

This course teaches the Full Suite instructor offering, Diving First Aid for Professional Divers, and includes the 4 foundation courses:

- Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid
- Emergency Oxygen
- Neurological Assessment
- First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

How to become a DAN Instructor:

The DAN Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) is the pathway to becoming a DAN Instructor. Active diving professionals who are DAN Members are eligible to enroll in this program. A CPR instruction credential is also required but can be obtained as part of the IQC.

Included in the price of the course are all Professional materials, access to the DAN Instructor network (Training manuals and guides downloadable from Instructor eLearning portal), and full set of instructional gear (Instructor Binder, Pocket Mask, Bag Valve Mask, Non-Rebreather Mask, Manual Vacuum Pump, Bulb Syringe, EpiPen Trainer, Tourniquet Trainer, Slates included: EO2, HMLI, BLS, Neuro, HCP) all stored in a deluxe backpack.

Next Steps:

- Be a DAN member. Sign-up for course with Compass Dive and Sail
- Be a current status scuba diving leader with your training agency (dive master, dive guide, dive instructor)
- Complete the Core Modules online training once invited
- Participate in an Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) with a DAN Instructor Trainer
- Start teaching when you receive confirmation from DAN
All pre-classroom training is done on-line, at your own pace. Once complete, you meet with your instructor-trainer to develop the skills necessary to teach the individual courses.

To request additional information or speak to one of our instructors, click on the “Contact Us” button in header above and we will schedule a time to speak with you, provide additional details and sign you up. We will then schedule an introduction video conference and review all the activities need to get started.

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