Check out our Florida Keys Sailing Charter offerings! Our 2021-2022 Winter-Spring Charter Season begins December 11.



It would be our pleasure to host you on a charter and teach you to dive.


Learn Scuba Diving

Whether you are curious about breathing under water or are already certified, Compass Dive and Sail will take you into a brand new world that will amaze you while on charter. More than two-thirds of our planet is comprised of water. Diving those waters transcends anything you have seen while walking on the face of the earth. We pride ourselves on conducting all of our training and fun dives in the most comfortable of conditions. We maintain small classes while on charter or a trip to ensure your training experience is the best possible. Come charter and dive with us and see an entirely new way to explore our world as a couple, family or group of friends!




Which Training Agency is Best for Me?

Compass Dive and Sail recommends the SSI training system for the following reasons:


50 Years of Industry Leading Expertise

Free Digital Certification Cards

Lifetime Access to Superior Digital Learning Platform and Materials

Free Mobile App Packed with Essential Dive Tools

Most Economical Training Agency in the World

Classes Customized to Meet Student Learning Style

Certification Accepted Worldwide



At Compass Dive and Sail we respect our customers, their choices and time. When it comes to pricing, we believe in providing the entire cost of your purchase up front. In other words, you select a course with us and what you see is what you get. There is no need to select multiple items to obtain the training you desire. Our online store is designed for your convenience and ease of check-out. You select and buy knowing that we will not hit you with last-minute additional costs in order to complete your training.

All of our introductory and advanced diving courses include professional instruction, Digital Learning materials, and gear for the course. This gear includes, buoyancy compensator device (BCD), tank/air, regulator, dive computer and compass. You are responsible to provide your own personal snorkeling system consisting of mask, fins, snorkel, boots, wetsuit and surface marker buoy. When taking a specialty course such as Photo & Video, Night & Limited Visibility, Search & Recovery, Navigation or Diver Propulsion Vehicle (Scooter/DPV), we will supply the specialty equipment required to complete these courses, such as cameras, lights, lift bags, compasses, and diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) to name a few. If you would like to take these classes with your own supplied gear for any specialty, no problem. We are happy to assist you in configuring your equipment and teaching you how to properly use it during your course.

Still not certain? Register with SSI using this link. Then download the MySSI App on your favorite iOS or Android device. Then check it out for yourself. SSI includes the first few chapters of the Open Water Diver digital course materials for free to every individual who registers and downloads the App. Want to explore the entire SSI Advanced Diving Educational catalog? Click this link to see descriptions and choices you have.